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sadie hawkins day
I bet y'all forgot that today is a holiday . I did too 'til I saw it somewhere on the net. According to Mr. Capp's legend, it's the day when girls are expected to get bold and go after the guy they want. Now, I don't know about the rest of you gals, but I've tried that before and it never seems to work out. Men drone on about how they have to do all the work and the courtin', but isn't that what it's all about for them? I mean..you know. The conqueror and all that stuff. I've played it both ways in my lifetime and truth be told I much prefer to be the sought afteree. Sorry online dating services. I will NOT pay for the privilege of chatting with man.

There have been blog crushes that I just knew were the love of my life, but alas. There's always a catch. Like location. Or age. Or marital status. Or inability to laugh and have fun. Sooner or later, the true blog personality comes out and BOOM..the love affair is over. Or maybe not ;)

This Sadie Hawkins Day, I do hereby drag by the hair of the head these men that make my life a bit more fun and meaningful each and every day: ( in no particular order ;)

Hoss : I know there's a long line of adoring fans from here to Salem,Oregon but this guy takes the time to visit me every single day and loves me no matter what I rant about. Plus there's that wicked sense of humor.

Riverman : I seriously lurve reading about the travels of this guy and his passion for nature and the Mississipi River. He uses his knowledge to pay it forward with kids and paints a mean picture.

FTS : He's a writer with purpose and a dream that nothing will stop, not even Samantha and all the other estrogen based life forms. *gotcha*

Alan : This newspaperman, retired from the USAF, has a rabid love of nature and the truth. He and his wife Monica live in Pennsylvania where they have fought a lot of battles with her health and keep on keepin' on.

Lightning Bugs's Butt : He's insane and a genius with his humor. I like that in a man.

Michael : Formerly the "Bloggin' Idiot", he now believes in himself and casts ripples all about the blogosphere like the angel that he is.

the blogger formerly known as SKB , Fletch and Count Zubrovka . What can I say...I'm a sucker for pretty pictures.

Paul : He adores his "first wife" and writes like there's no tomorrow about all that is good and true. I've heard his spaghetti is real good, especially on cold days.

Joe Cool and Steel Cowboy : Both of these guys are tightly hitched to girlfriends that they adore and make no bones about it. I also love THAT in a man.

Here's a big old *smoooooooooch* to all my mens. Thanks for being there. Love ya...mean it. ^j^
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