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One more day to go until I have two off. It ain't a weekend, but hey...it's all mine. I haven't been around to visit y'all lately. I know you forgive me. Here's some before and after the fire pictures.
after the fire
Umm..yeah. I won't be lighting any damn thing for awhile. Smokey the Bear gave me a few demerits and threatened to tell Santa on me.

FTS (who had a mighty vivid mental pic of me whackin' at the flames)was going down memory lane on his blogging history today, remembering what got him started in this virtual community of ours. I started this blog in September of 2004 and spent a lot of months learning what was and wasn't my style in the reading and writing department. I ranted for a few weeks until I figured out nobody wanted to hear it, then I started reading what others had to say. One of the first of those was the lovely and talented new mother, Zoot whom I ran across at the Rocky Top Brigade just as I did Sugarfused . The brainchild of the RTB has quietly continued to blog in spite of being targeted for his political views.

From there I found lots of other friends outside of the great state of Tennessee, and for that I am thankful. It's a small world after all.
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