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this turkey will be at work
'Tis true...the bane and blessing of certain occupations is that there is no such thing as "closed for the holiday". Should you happen to have a fever or a myocardial infarction on turkey day, the Poopster will be right there to run your blood tests. So will the soldiers who are defending our country and the police and fire fighters who protect you and yours. If you are traveling, the transportation folks will be filling up your tank or punching your ticket. Save us all a piece of pie and give us an "amen y'all."

A friend and I went to the movie today to see this and I was floored. You should see it too. I promise you won't be sorry. I don't spend much money on luxuries things for myself, but by Friday I will have a copy of the soundtrack in my hot little hand.

I refuse to write my letter to Santa until I have properly given thanks for what I've been blessed with. After that, watch out elves.

*gobble gobble*
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