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all's well that ends well
Thanks for all the good vibes and shout outs to Big Ernie. The repair work on my car finally got approved today after much angst on my part. It will still take a week for the "small block" (whatever the heck that is) to be ordered and put in, but that's OKAY. It's such a relief knowing that I won't have to deal with the alternatives. I'm beginning to get accustomed to being a truck-driving mama though. I can actually throw my garbage back there to haul it off instead of stuffing it into my trunk!

Today was Christmas dinner day in our little corner of the hospital. Last year we gave our pathologist an acted out live singing version of the twelve days of Christmas. "One of us" absolutely refused to do that crap performance again so we did something different. He had mentioned to us one time that he just HATED those red hat ladies because when he's in a restaurant where they are, you can never get served! Guess who came to treat him with a reading of "When I'm an Old Lady". Heh. We all came out with our red and pink hats on (pink is for under fifty, you know) and even gave him his own red hat ornament so he can..ahem..remember the day forever;) He fondly refers to us as the wild bunch. Wonder why?

In case you're feeling the pinch on your "to do" list, let me help you to feel a bit better. I haven't done my shopping. At all. I made a deal with BabyGirl to give her a list and money and let her go fight the crowds. She does much better than I do with shoppin'...actually likes it. My part of the deal is to do the wrapping. I consider myself to have gotten the better end.

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