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dirty santa

Um..well. According to Michael it's a "Secret Santa" thing. Same difference I reckon...everybody gets a surprise one way or another. Bless his heart, he took the time to match us all up for a virtual gift exchange. I love that man. But, I digress.

I drew Kim down there somewhere in the Deep South. The poor thing survived Katrina in spite of FEMA and continues to keep a close eye on her nemesis, the secretary who kisses butt and shows up late, if at all. Kim is a legal assistant which is a a far cry from a butt kissin' secretary. Humph. We can take her out back girl. I'm just sayin'...the midsouth ain't that far away. Knowwhatimean? Graceland is a mere 80 miles from Dyersburg and I heard that Elvis still hangs out there.

She has a delightful family that includes a DH (dear husband?) and a daughter who's headed for the service....MsSoonToBeBlue. Kim is an avid deer hunter and a contributor to The Dew about all things Southern. She blogs from work, but don't tell anybody ;) Shhhh..
Kim's addicted to poker which is a game that requires a lot of skill in the facial expression and math departments. She plays professionally when the monkey crawls up on her back and says "Draw".
royal flush
Merry Christmas Kim. You sure know how to hold 'em.
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