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the gift that keeps on giving
Psst...can y'all keep a secret? Good. I thought so. My mom is one heckuva lady and has taught me many things. She is an excellent writer and that ability is matched only by her talent for creating really.great.food. Back in the day she was a reporter for the local newspaper and had a regular recipe column called "From the Back Burner". Later on she put all those recipes that she had gathered over the years together and printed a cookbook by the same name to raise money for our county fair association's building fund. People around these parts TREASURE that book and many can't cook it if it's not in there. Long story short..the book has been out of print for years and I've tried and tried to get up the nerve to tackle the project of getting it back on paper because people still clamor for it. One of these days, I'll get around to it. In the meantime, I wanted my Mom to have a place to share her culinary skills with you AND enjoy herself in blogland. That's right....


Here's what I need you to do. Tiptoe on over to Mom's place and leave her a little "welcome to the blog world" comment. Then go back after she's started posting and swipe some of the most delish recipes you ever laid eyes on.
from the back burner
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