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just call me wonder woman
GEEEZ..did I have a lot of fun in y'alls fiction or what???? If only my life were half that exciting ;) True to the story line, I'm still picking pecans out of the hulls in my "spare" time. That is, when I'm not trying to find my oil change receipts so that Toyota will pay for my engine to be re-built. A comedy of errors, no doubt. The records are nowhere to be found. Fine then, the service dept. calls the oil change place and gives them my plate number to get the records. Only problem with that is that there are no records on that plate number because it changed when I bought the car end of lease and changed it to my name only. Hmmm..what's the old plate number? Ah. There on the wheel tax registration from a few years ago in barely visible ink. How come the maintenance records aren't there too? Beats the hell outta me. I'm downsizing my life which includes throwing crap away without looking too closely. Meanwhile, I've cooked some dressing and deviled eggs for our Christmas party at work tomorrow. Hopefully the sick people will stay well so we can sit down and eat in peace for a change. If not, I reckon we'll carry on in between bites.

Y'all keep the faith for me on this car thing. It don't look good and I'm not needing a good screwin' in the finance department right about now. Know what I mean? Gotta go install the DSL so I can visit you faster. Remember that Santa is watching, and I'm his informant. He promised me the cabana boy if I tell what I know.

Catch you later. ^j^
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