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kris kringle karma
St. Nick has come early to visit the Poopster. Pictured here is a very grateful smartass gal holding the DeWALT orbital sander that will give her the means to deal with this and this . A blogger who shall remain anonymous got the spirit and gifted me with a nice power tool. Woot! Thank you Lowell. I love you too.
santa sander
Ahh...and my brother. How do I love HIM..let me count the bytes. He managed to pull some strings and get some DSL action going on out here in the country. My carpal- tunnel-syndrome-afflicited limbs will appreciate the speed at which I can visit my b**g friends after a long day of tapping the keyboard at work whilst dueling with the evil egos of doctors and corporate higher ups. Bah...humbug, y'all.

In the words of my dear friend Sue "This is reeeediculous". Amen sista. Bring on Prince Charming ;)
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