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looky what i got!

My secret santa is none other than the clever and original Jamie Dawn who came up with some very interesting word play and this pricless seasonal pic of Mr.Hanky ;)

"A Poopie Limerick:
I know a lady named Janey,
At times, she can be quite zany.
Gets her kicks drawing blood,
Wants real love, not a dud,
Loves her kid, cat and doggies insanely."

A Poopie PECANS Acrostic:

P-oopie is funny and frank.
E-ndings are just new beginnings in her life.
C-arefully, she nurtures her daughter.
A-ll her recipes are yummy.
N-o one should doubt her ability to stay strong.
S-he enjoys a balance of solitude and frivolity."

Thanks JD! I hope you have a very poopie Christmas as well ;) And thank YOU Michael for putting it all together. Too much fun!
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