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Computer is near death, and requesting morphine. I think it was the P2P that did her in. Arrangements are incomplete and will be announced by my friend, the ultimate funeral director. She gave me the CUTEST purse full of stuff to pamper myself with for Christmas. I got towels from Texas and and an orbital sander from Oregon. Plus a camera that I can't format. I'm wearing new socks right now. Thank you Santa ;)

The pyre is blazing out there on the gravel driveway. Poops managed to shove a little more history out of the attic window to pile up on top of the wood that Gumby and Davy rustled up to bring in the new year. As usual, I'll be sound asleep by midnight.

We got some blackeyes and pork tenderloin ready to cook up tomorrow thanks to my boss's boss's gift card. He's the cutest thing, I tell you. Too bad he doesn't trust me enough to get real. Maybe someday.

See ya next year y'all.

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