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seasons of love
Forgive my repeated references to Rent, but it's on my mind as I type to the soundtrack. That's right..I spent money that I could have used to buy a toy-for-a-tot or to pay a bill on something that I wanted. Two somethings actually..I bought Santana's new one too! Merry Christmas Carlos. Santa loves what you and the missus do with Milagro. Jesus does too.

The theme of Rent centers around one year in the life of friends in the East Village of NYC. That theme can easily be applied to all of our lives if you stop to consider, REALLY consider who has been there for you during the past five hundred twenty six thousand six hundred minutes. It doesn't matter it you're in Hooterville or the UK. Each and every day represents an opportunity to live and love and learn tolerance. Every second of every hour of each year presents a chance to make a difference in someone else's life. Forget the acknowledgement and the recognition and the tax credit. Just do it because it's what friends do here on Mother Earth for their fellow travelers. It's the right thing that allows you to sleep at night knowing that you've focused on somebody besides numero uno. You're entitled to your opinion, but you're not always right.

Thank goodness I'm off on New Year's Day 2006. I feel a party coming on.

Peace out. ^j^

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