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shout out to bill gates
Oh my! My computer(s) hates me and it's all your fault. I mean, gah. It's only five six years old and sporting that ever popular Windows ME as an OS. What can I say...it was a SuperStore/HP bargain back in the days prior to the milennium that turned out to be not quite as catastrophic as we all feared. Only one thousand bucks!! Lucky me.

Later on I bought a Dell from a smooth talkin' salesguy at 30% interest because the babygirl needed one to join dial-up heaven with her Mom while she was in college. My post-divorce finances put me right on up there in the special needs bracket. Said Dell special'o'the'week is sitting on the floor by my bed waiting for some ethnic guru to tweak it when my budget allows. Meanwhile, I'm paying some "collection agency" by the month to get the outsourced goons off my back at work. Yes...at work. It's illegal, I know. They hound me anyway.

They'll never find me on the beach I'm running away to. I figure lots of sugar daddies hang out on the dunes and that's where I'll make MY pile. Then I can afford to buy a new tire and get a front end alignment. Maybe then I can have a week offa work. It's okay if he's ugly and old. I'll just bring two bags and it's all good. I've been told I do pretty good work on my back.

Oh, and Bill?? I know him too and he said you better cut me some slack. A hard workin' girl can only take so much before she crumbles. Tell Melinda I said Happy 2006. I'm saving for the next edition of Windows as.I.type.
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