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a star is born...and stuff
*tap tap tap*

May I have your attention please? Today is a very special day for our friend Follow That Star. If my memory serves correctly this fine fellow turns forty seven today and, well. I'm all about any excuse for a party ;) Since he's in Texas and I'm in Tennessee I'm partying with him in spirit to celebrate his spiral toward the big five-oh. Heh..then we'll be even, because that's where I'm stopping!
Traditionally the birthday "person" gets a cake, but in his case I think a pecan pie would be more appropriate. The boy loves some pie, I'm just sayin'.
And of course, what good would pie be without some nice hot java?
Now that we've eaten, it's time for presents!! Look who's here to watch.....
It's the cat who owns him!!!!!!!!!!
Even though he'll be moving to Colorado soon, he will always be a Texan at heart so I feel sure his loyalties will be split between the Rangers and the Rockies. How about a momento for each "home" team?
Oh yeah...and one more thing that he'll need in the mountains. Sweaters...lots and lots of them! To keep in the oven!!
Y'all run on over and tell him a big old Happy Birthday, ya hear? And tell him the Poopster said to pick up another bottle of red.
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