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thursday stuff
My new masseuse worked the major kinks outta the neck and back today with magic fingers and hot stones. I'm sore, but it's a good kind of sore. Got a cute haircut too. Miss Rhonda knows every hair on my head.

I read somewhere in a dispatch that tonight would be the brightest lunar viewing from now until 2033. I probably won't be here to compare, but I'd say this one is a keeper. The tin roof of the barn is glistening with silvery moonlight and it's not too terribly cold. Joseph and Mary are about to begin their journey to Bethlehem for the census, and according to the Gospels she is huge with child. While I never rode a donkey to another town while pregnant, I walked the halls of the hospital with a tray full of needles and a BabyGirl in my belly, so I can relate to the hardships of month nine on the hoof.

I haven't seen my baby brother and his wife for over a year now. They are due to arrive from Virginia next week and I can't wait to hug them both. Heck, I may just hug everybody I see just 'cuz it feels good.

Last Chritmas, Faith ate the angel of my Gaga's that had topped our tree for years.
There's a newer one up there now, given to me by my friend the Little General. She's the one who gave me HOPE Butterbean last year. Y'all say "awww, bless her heart."

On the way up the lane to work the other day, we saw some movement over to the right coming from the cotton field. I slowed down just in time for seven white tails to prance across the lane going from the thicket to the woods.

Keepin' the faith here. ^j^
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