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two dog night
Thankfully, that's how many I've got. Actually, BabyGirl gets the big one and the little one is mine. Faith's eyes aren't really scary like that..it's just the camera angle.
my girls
I accomplished my fall mission today when I sold enough little pecans to pay for getting the big ones cracked. They were a gift from a guy pickin' on the halves. He left them on my porch like the honest fella that he is. I didn't catch his name. Must have been a drive by act of kindness.

I seem to be lacking a few mailing addresses as the season of cards and remembrances approaches. I've decided that this year snail mail will be my chosen route of correspondence. Call it my last act of faith in the federal government. If I don't have your address, expect a phone call or a personal visit.

Gotta go get started on picking those nuts out of the hulls. Or I might just hit the shower and call it a day.

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