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the big tease
That's what today was for an outdoor lover like myself. Although winter is only one third through the trek toward spring, I found myself drawn outside after work to get a head start on spring yard chores. No way would I waste a 60 plus degree day in January painting a kitchen wall.

The monkey grass got a severe haircut and some of the pruning is done. After wrestling with an autumn clematis that needed to be moved, my trusty sharpshooter snapped in half with the weight of my body against the rootball. The birds were out in force, feeding on sunflower seed and enjoying the beauty of the day following last night's torrential wind and rain. Bright flashes of cardinal red flitted around as the dogs dug for moles and came up with dirty noses. It's like a little piece of heaven to me.

I've been known to chase a sunset with a camera until it barely glows, but today I will just enjoy it as the sky turns orange and pink and purple and the rays cast a golden light over the moss surrounding the trees in the front yard. There are already crocuses in bloom there, and daffodil buds pushing up through the soil. The flowering quince has begun its' show of pink that is always a favorite time for me. Without fail, when Cupid makes an appearance for St. Valentine's day, that quince will provide me with flowers.

The buds are everywhere, straining to jump the gun on winter in Tennessee. It's been mild thus far, but I hope they hold out for the real deal. One thing about the weather here...it's totally unpredictable. I've seen as many Easter snows as I have Christmas ones in my lifetime. But for now, I've gotta go join Butterbean on the front porch swing to say adios to this particular Sunday in paradise.

Later. ^j^
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