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dear big ernie
Yep...it's me again. Just wanted you to know that I'm okay, and I think a lot of that has to do with your plan. Remember all the times that I've been impatient and foolish? Um..yeah. I know you do. So do I. The thing that really rocks is that you just kinda grin and send me the next blessing while I beat myself up over not being perfect. Thank goodness you taught me years ago that there was only one perfect human. When I was a tadpole of a kid, I went to vacation bible school and sunday school and memorized verses from your book, but it wasn't until I had a kid of my own that I understood what you sacrificed for me.

I see so much pain and suffering in this world, and it seems that nobody has their priorities straight. Not that I can judge them.....only you can do that. I get really mad at all those people who condemn and judge other people and use your name while they're doing it. I feel like you're all about love and peace and justice. At least that's what I've gotten from readin' the book. I suppose everyone is entitled to their own interpretation of the word(s), or their choice of book.

Anyhoo....just wanted to say thanks for your patience and goodness and let you know that everytime I blow a gasket I move a little bit closer to you. When I use my talents to help other folks , that's you in action. And when I am blessed by love, ....that is you saying "Well done". It happens more and more lately in the most unexpected ways. I figure you're blessing me here on earth because you know I can't play the harp worth a flip. I'm just sayin'.

Love ya.....mean it.

Poopie ^j^
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