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i know bubba too
Back in the day when he and the partners started up the club it was a joke that made its' way onto a t-shirt. Everybody who wanted to get in free said that "they knew Bubba". My source says that he would walk right by them and they never even recognized his John Deere self. He's smart like that.
Ha! If they only knew that this guy is a businessman to beat all others. I've always said that he probably still has the first buck he ever earned. Presently he works three four jobs, each of which serves a purpose in the grand scheme of things that is his life. There's the day job as a supervisor in a local factory. Then there's the nighttime gigs, consisting of the club and a couple of evenings at the liquor store.
Knowing him like a big sister does, I'd say his true passion is the farm where we grew up and several of us still live. Mom and Daddy are a half mile away. Bubba and Dad know every inch of every parcel of this big old chunk of land, and the numbers on the tags of each and every heifer, cow and calf. The landscape is changing bit by bit, but we have a shared history here that is family. It is our legacy, and one that BabyGirl shares with us.

I could learn a thing or two from you Bubba,and perhaps I already have. Happy 48th birthday bro. I can't imagine you not being in my life.
bro and sis
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