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if it walks like a lemming.......

Well, it might not be. But if it TALKS like a lemming too? Chances are it's one of those timid little followers who marches to the sea behind all the others and takes the plunge. It's one of the strange things that lemmings do every few years, and who the heck knows why. Strange little critters.

After tiring of after-work painting, I relaxed to catch up on world news via that wicked liberal media. Only then did I discover that my invitations to a couple of very important political and social events got lost in the mail. As I type, two hundred or so members of the Alfalfa Club are gathered in Washington for their annual ball. It's a roast kinda' deal including a select few high rollers in politics and business. Their custom is to annually nominate someone for president, whether it's an election year or not. I know they left me off so as to surprise me big time with the nomination. I WILL remember you little people when I'm a nominee. Also in the news is the World Economic Forum in Switzerland where many influential (and rich) international movers and shakers are gathered to solve the problems of our world such as this : Corporate morale sags due to a widespread belief that, perhaps, CEO salaries should be not QUITE so extravagant as benefits are being steadily hammered for the front line grunts associates. According to Bono: "It is sexy to leave the world a better place." Hoss's buddy Bill made an appearance if I'm not mistaken. I heard he dropped a few billion to cure TB.

I wouldn't dare pull a rant on y'all. Instead I'll leave you with this thought from my favorite Mary Engelbreit T-shirt:

* No matter where you go, there you are. *

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