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let it snow
While not at all unusual, snow is not the norm in West Tennessee. No matter how temperate the winter months are around here I find myself dreaming of a new crop of growin' things at about this time of year, without fail. Tis true that the pin oak leaves have barely hit the ground. If they were covered with inches or feet of snow, the hibernation would at least be photogenic. Instead, there is day after day of gray wet cold and barren countryside. Today there were a couple of hours worth of beautiful snowflakes to watch.

My Mama picked this little jewel up for me on one of her girl outings to Pickwick last year. It is my favorite of every gift I received for Christmas and a fitting response to one of my handmade cross-stich gifts to her that read:

" Bloom where you are planted."

It's hanging somewhere in the homestead along with a giant button that says:

"Enjoy life....this is not a dress rehearsal."

Unfortunately, my bad eyes don't allow me to create with a needle like I did years ago. If I could, well...I'd whip this one up:

Keep the faith. ^j^

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