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my b**g runneth over
I'm just so happy to see 2005 as history that I'm posting all over the ding dang place. Per my thievin' self, I have picked up Hoss's m**e which is possibly the first of 2006.

1. How did you come to learn about b**gging?
My old friend Count Zubrovka mentioned to me several YEARS ago that I should try b**gging since I love to write. My sister-in-law's b**g was the first that I ever saw and I was hooked after that.
2. How long have you been b**gging?
I started in September 2004 with a no frills pre-made template (TYVM blogger ;) and my own words. It took about six months to figure out that nobody wanted to hear me rant and what people enjoy is reading about real life and real feelings. Plus they like to laugh. A lot.
3. What got you interested in creating your own b**g?
Hmm..well. Believe it or not, it was visiting the Rocky Top Brigade during my early months of writing. It is a forum for Tennessee bloggers that was established by South Knox Bubba ( miss ya, mean it ) and was revamped and revived after he left by several East Tennessee volunteers. I'm not much of a designer, so I was thrilled to death when Tamara designed my site especially for me. I adore it!
4. How many b**gs do you have?
I have two....this one and another with Typepad which was a gift from a fellow b**gger. I enjoy both of them tremendously. I tend to be more serious on the other one. Time and place for everything right??
5. How has b**gging affected your life?
It came at just the right time to fill the need of a venue for writing which is something I have always dearly loved. As a single gal who doesn't get out much, it has provided a great way to meet people all over the world. That keeps me from being lonely, ya know? It's like a delayed reaction chat room. Been there, done that. Don't wanna go back to the bots.
6. What feelings do you associate with b**gging?
I laugh, I cry, and sometimes I just go "Aha" and learn something new. There is a bond among all of us who b**g which non-b**gers totally don't get. Amazingly my co-workers are some of my biggest fans.
7. How does b**gging benefit you?
I write better knowing that someone else is reading my words, and learn new things, and I totally enjoy the friends that I've made. The daily feedback helps me to know that I'm not alone out there and that others really DO care enough to get involved.
8. Discuss some of the relationships you have formed through b**gging and how they have affected your life.
Wow. There have been so many that I couldn't begin to name them. My blogroll is so long that I rarely make it all the way through in one day, but there are a few that I never miss even if the roof is caving in. You know who you are ;)

Thanks to DSL b**gging has become a bit speedier and less of a labor of love. Now if I can just make it 'til income tax refund time I'll get a PC that doesn't hate me.

Here's to another great year of b**gging by crook or by hook.
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