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ok then
Once again, I have been whacked over the head tagged by Joe . His thing involves the number 7. Since I haven't made my resolutions for 2006 ( I know, so sue me ) and I'm a real non-conformist I think I'll just go all free association and stream-of-consciousness on y'all and make my own stuff up as I go. Some therapists would say I have a problem with authority ;) Others would just say I'm a free spirit.

One thing I wish I had never done: Caused my parents so much grief. It came back to haunt me in a "pay for your raisin'" kind of way that sucked a big one for about five years.

Two things that I'm glad I did: Went to college and learned some science. Told everybody I loved them when my heart felt it.

Three things that I intend to do this year: Visit my brother and sis-in-law in Virginia. Meet some blogger buddies. Make significant progress on re-modeling my house.

Four things that bug me: Whining. Bitching. Inability to get out of the box and see the big picture. War.

Five things that make me smile: That whistle. Puppies. Rainbows. A few days offa work. Music at full blast.

Six things that make me wonder: Why do good things happen to bad people...and vice versa. How did writers write and people communicate before Al invented the internet? Why hasn't Hoss got his damn pecans yet? (oops...I spoiled the surprise). Is Dubya for real or is that all just an act? Was that the beginning of instant messaging when Moses got the commandments straight from Big Ernie to the stone? Where is that dang Prince Charming?????????????????

Seven things that make life worth living: Love. Laughter. Snark. That look. Tears. Angels. Faith.

Eleventeen things that knock my socks off: Colorful sunsets. Passionate kisses. Good food. Oceans, rivers and mountains. Soulful writing. Friendship. Truth, honesty and justice. The way that God is good.

All the time.

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