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Like many some merkins, I watched the state-of-our-disunion address this evening. As usual, Dems were seated on the left with the GOP to the right. I'm not quite sure where the middle was, but I think they were outside helping Cindy Sheehan find a therapist after she was released from "detention." The first lady looked quite lovely dressed in an Easter egg color designed just for her. Opening remarks included a tribute to the late Coretta Scott King whose late husband is rolling over in his grave at what is happening all these years after he died for civil rights. The grand entrance included an entourage that included a smiling and "repentent" Dr. Frist, the champion of Terry Schiavo et al.

For the sake of brevity, I'll just hit the high points of tonight's issues and promises, per our illustrious leader:

"Our differences cannot be allowed to harden into anger."
"Dictatorships shelter terrorists."
"The United States will never surrender to evil."
"Isolationism is not in our vocabulary as a country.
Kerry rubs forehead, Hillary snorts and chews gum.
"Hamas...yada yada yada"
"....save the Middle Eastern countries from *blink blink* ultimatums of terror."
"Patriot Act: Connect the dots to prevent another attack on Merka."
Condi grins.
"Our economy is healthy and vigorous, the envy of the world,especially those immigrants who come here to work for minimum wage."
"Line item veto *big proud smile*"
"A commission to examine the issues facing us baby boomers who head toward the future as a burden to our children." No time line here. I'm assuming we'll be dead and gone before that one makes it through Congress. After all, they have to have time off to spend the lobbyists' money.
"Strengthen the doctor patient relationship so that affordable health care is a reality." Back in Frist's court.
"America is addicted to oil." yada yada "hybrids and alternative energy sources" yada yada.
"Our children lag behind in math and science so it's all their fault later on."

Okay, I admit I took some cynical poetic license with my interpretation of the royal proceedings. It's just that I believe in solving your own problems before you take on the world.

I could be wrong.
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