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the princess and the pee

Once upon a time in a kingdom called paradise, there was a fair maiden who lived where the deer and the antelope coyote play. Squirrels too! Rabbits as well. Oh my, what marvelous nature surrounded the castle that housed she and her subjects. The jesters in her court included two canines who scampered about and three felines who shared one litter box. Not good.

The royal budget could barely keep pace with the demand for food and parasite meds for the animal kingdom. The princess worked day and night to keep the litter box clean and open the door for the jesters to prance in and out. This kept her from getting a good night's sleep on most occasions. When the coyotes howled, so did the canines. The felines just did their own damn thing, as they are apt to do.

The princess, being a royal and all that stuff, felt the discomfort under layers of mattresses and down comforters. Surely the old queen would recognize that princesses rarely wear make-up or get their hair done for the regal budget is tight. Alas! She is often disheveled and late for work. The royal carriage is often low on petrol. Her faith in the Emperor and Ideal Wife has long since flown the coop due to the carnage of the Crusades and the price of kitty litter. What's a girl to do?

Keep the faith, I reckon.

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