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Thanks to some ripples that a certain Bloggin' Idiot sent my way, I now have a computer that doesn't snarl at me when I hit the keyboard. Yes dear friends, I am abso-effin-lutely jumping up and down over the speed around here. It will take me awhile to install my favorite programs, but that's okay. What does a single girl have but time??

In my spare time,also, I could umm...try to get all your email addys from the grave of the HP, OR you could resend them to me via my profile. That would be a really sweet thing to do since I like to stay in touch and all. Humor me, okay??

TGIF for all you folks with a regular work week. It's my weekend at the sawmill, so your Saturday is my Monday. Be good and have fun. Butterbean is watchin' you.
it's hard to be butterbean
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