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a work in progress

Here's some pictures of what I've accomplished so far, which looks mostly white because I've spent 3 days caulking and priming. If you don't think a house built in 1918 has a lot of cracks, I beg to differ. The ghostly settling continues day by day. BabyGirl has never seen the above wall prior to the past weekend 'cuz it's been covered up with a gigantic monstrosity of shelving that now lays in the back yard. Woot! Arriving home from work today, I made a weak attempt to finish the patching and scraping, but ran into some girl issues.
1. Couldn't get the old caulk tube off to put on a new one.
2. Couldn't get the top off the 50 pound bucket of sheetrock mud.
3. Couldn't get the cap off of the wood stripper.

I took all that as a sign that I should take the day off from manual labor today, and pick back up when I have some time away from the day job. Coming soon to this blog: Before pictures of the hideous bathroom and the living room hardwood floor with carpet stripped but plenty 'o glue left behind! I know you can't wait.

Uh..oh yeah. I've decided that my plan to have a baby is more trouble than it's worth. At fifty, I just don't have it in me. Thanks for all the suggestions for ailments to get me offa work. I'm still banking on SugarDaddy sweeping me off my feet. After all Valentine's Day is right around the corner ;)
P.S. If you get tired of looking at MY kitchen you can always go see Laura's .
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