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cookie monster
OK then. Since I'm not much of a computer geek somebody please explain to me how if I didn't delete my cookies they're gone, or seem to be. Because nobody's site remembers me? Hmm?? I blame Osama.

I guess it serves me right for being a bad blogger and tending to "real life" for a few days. There's a kitchen waiting to be finished while my supervisor perches on the microwave to make sure that I do it right. She's on crack, by the way.
microwave kitty

I hate trim work with a passion. Doing walls and ceilings is like immediate feedback with visible change. Freud would probably call the roller on a pole a phallic symbol or some such nonsense *snort* Painting trim is tedious, and answers the eternal question about why painters drink. I reckon I'm not anal/retentive or obsessive/compulsive enough to want it to be just.so. I just want it done so I can do the dang tile and blog some more.

Or do this............
sleeping dogs
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