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hello...my name is poopie
"Hi Poopie." I'm a recovering control freak aka co-dependent. I'm not a bit ashamed because I know that 95% of the population at any given time shares my addiction. To avoid truth and honesty we focus on something else..like work, relationships,chemicals,sex,razor blades,sleeping,running or some other repetition compulsion that eases the pain of who we are and where we've been. I've done several of 'em including chat rooms and blogging, most recently. I fancy myself to be somewhat of a writer, but I suppose I'm hooked on that too.

My opinions used to be shaped by what was "acceptable" and politically correct. Now they're just mine, tempered by fifty years of living and loving and learning things the hard way. Will that ever change?????? Somehow, I think not. I raised a child with whom I shared every pitfall and each lesson learned. She learned her own lessons anyway because that's the way it works. We can gently guide one another, but ultimately it's just me and Big Ernie in the ultimate conversation. I think they call that step one of the big twelve.

If you send me an e-mail to forward to fifty people demanding that prayer be put back in public school, I'll recognize it immediately and delete it. Why? Because prayer in school never left. Any child who knows the way to talk to God is free to send a shout out at any time..even during a big test or track meet. I didn't learn that in school. I know the ten commandments by heart because I've read them and believe that they are good rules to live by and that we all try and fail. Posting them at the front door won't take the place of living our lives in ministry to others. God understands that, and that's why his boy suffered on that cross for us. As long as we do our best and follow the New Covenenant, it's all good. Really.

As for pictures of your kids and grandkids and beautiful scenes, send 'em on. I love that kinda stuff. Ditto for personal one-on-one dialogue about most anything. I respect you for that, and I expect respect in return. My sense of humor is quite bizarre and snarky so you never know when the Poopster will bust out in a full belly laugh over something silly. Comedy makes life worth living.

How about we lighten up, slow down and enjoy the ride.
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