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Bound for Hoss to come up with original questions! He wanted to know what kind of helmet I wear on pecan lane when it's raining nuts. Actually it's an army issue sent to me especially by Dubya because he knows what big fans me and Hoss are of his administration. Hoss was also curious about my action plan for visiting everyone on my lengthy b**groll. I plan on asking his good buddy Bill Gates if he can't come up with some way to b**g subliminally in my sleep so I can work it all in between shifts at the sawmill. Hoss also asked if I'll be home in early May. Of course I will....I'm always home because I work all the damn time. That is UNLESS SugarDaddy shows up before then, in which case I'll be sailing on his yacht to Fiji. There's your answer, Whizzer, on the hunt for SD. Not.Good.

FTS is demanding to know where the rest of his pie is. Seems he had a bit of trouble chewing the plastic crust on the tasty pastry that I sent to Dallas. All I can say is it's right here in Tennessee hon, and you'll have to come pick it up. Or at the very least answer the phone now and then so I can tell you how to make one. You'll be wearing the sweaters in Colorado instead of puttin' them in the oven. Might as well cook.

Karen asked about my favorite movie, which is "Field of Dreams." Why? Well, because Kevin Costner playing a farmer is cute as a speckled pup...uh..I mean because it speaks to the dreamer in all of us who have unfinished business. The most embarrassing thing that ever happened to me would be hard to pin down, because there have been SOOOOOOOO many. I'd have to say professing my love to several guys who have patted me on the head and said "nice girl" then moved on to the closest bimbo with no brain and big tatas. Ain't nothing that will shoot down an ego like that. And for the record, my tatas ain't nothing to sneeze at. I'm just sayin'.

SRP and Laura want to know about all the places I've lived. Sorry to be such a homey, but I've only lived in West Tennessee...Dyersburg and Memphis, where I went to college at the UT Center for the Health Sciences. Kenju asked about what led me to decide to be a medical technologist. I can't honestly say, other than an intense interest in science and a desire to work in healthcare. Oh yeah, and my mother's suggestion ;) It's a career that has been both rewarding and stressful as heck due to the lack of professional recognition for what the laboratory contributes to healthcare. It's easy to blame us when something goes wrong yet we never get respect for all the right things that we do. In most people's eyes everybody in a hospital is either a doctor or a nurse. Roxanne also asked about riding horses. There are two of 'em out in the pasture beside me that find holes to sneak through in the barbed wire for sport because they're so bored. I rode horses as a kid, but it always scared me. Still does. I guess it's my inner control freak that doesn't trust an animal with that kind of power under me.

Dorothy ...if the library were on fire, I would definitely head for the Clyde Edgerton section and rescue "Walking Across Egypt." I adore the man's writing style, and the original piece included in that book's pages is on my "funeral music" list. I can even play it on the piano. There you go Lass ...he's my favorite author. As for favorite color it's peach, flower is stargazer lily and food is shrimp. If money were no object I would spend it vacationing across the entire United States. There is so much of this great country that I have never laid eyes on. As for the winner of next year's Superbowl you're asking the WRONG gal. I barely remember who won this one. Seahawks, right? *snort*

Well Laura, the kitchen's not finished YET, but I'm getting closer. See exhibits A and B below.

kitchen 1

kitchen 2

Y'all watch out for snow bunnies crossing the road....and keep the faith. More poop to follow!
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