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Poopie, Act III
Just a few more tidbits ought to wrap up this marathon of information about the Tennessee country gal known as the Poopster. Peter asked about the status of the tomato and asparagus farming mentioned in my profile. All of you asparagus lovers know that the season for spears is right around the corner. Asparagus is grown from roots in a bed that is a LOT of trouble to prepare, but worth it because it comes up every year for the next twenty or so with little or no maintenance. My ex and I worked our tails off puttin' that bed in by digging a deep trench and alternating layers of dirt and manure until the roots were covered and the trench filled. The spears appear beginning in mid-March and can be picked for about six weeks. After that, the ones that are left grow into large ferns which just sit there all the rest of the growing season. The hardest part is waiting until the third spring to pick heavily, which is a must. From that point on, it's a free for all trying to keep up with the growth. On a warm spring day, they seem to shoot up right before your very eyes. I pick twice a day during the most active growth spurt in April. In late fall to early winter, the ferns are chopped down and burned on top of the bed to feed the nitrogen back into the soil. As for tomatoes, I plant a few from the nursery in late May and hope that the hornworms don't demolish them. I don't even like tomatoes, but here in the south everybody else ADORES homegrown ones so I grow them just for fun. I never have trouble finding takers for 'em.

The perfect breed of dog for me was Pissed Off Patricia's question. I've always loved dogs, but had never had a labrador retriever until a friend gave me a chocolate pup a year and a half ago. Chocolate labs seem to have a different personality from black or yellow ones, and this girl is the sweetest, smartest and most loving pet I've ever had the pleasure to own. Her name is Faith and BabyGirl and her BF have even taught her to talk! She's a great bed warmer too ;) My other dog is a rat terrier mix from the humane society, which I had also never had. By temperment, she is the exact opposite of Faith. In short, she's a b**chy little diva named Butterbean. Her name started out as Hope to go along with Faith ( which we assumed would be followed by more dogs named Sex and Love ) but BabyGirl decided she was a Butterbean, and so it was.

my girls

RisibleGirl threw me for a loop by asking what I would have named BabyGirl if she had been a boy. It honestly never entered my mind that she would be anything other than a girl...I swear, I just had that feeling. If she had been a boy I probably would have used a family name like William or James or David. I don't have a CLUE how to deal with boys. I suppose I would've learned the hard way, like the rest of you ;)

How do I like my eggs? Missouri Mule was curious about this and more. Fried, well done with lots of pepper. Or in an omelette. Or scrambled with cheese. Or boiled. I just love eggs! Hope your recovery is going well girlfriend! Eat lots of eggs while you're laid up from surgery. If I knew today were my last, I would spend it much like I do every other day....loving and laughing and keepin'the faith.

Oh, and NWJR , I'll take plastic over paper if we're talkin' grocery shopping. They're easier to carry and can be re-used as overnight bags. Besides, paper sacks grow roaches!
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