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Poor gals like me put off necessary purchases sometimes because, well. The money just ain't there. Buying new tires seems to me to be the equivalent in fun of buying a new mattress or something that you know you need but, dang. First priority is to stay warm and second priority is to eat and then to keep the gas gauge on the car somewhere above the big red E. Since I recently hit the lottery got back a chunk of money that the government used without interest for a year, I knew for sure that two new tires were an upcoming necessity. Right rear was ridin' on Fix-a-Flat and left front was a baldy with a bulge. I lined up a ride to work for Friday so I could leave the Poopmobile for some badly needed maintenance. Felt all good and cocky about havin' a plan and stuff. I am woman...hear me roar!

There was a work meeting at 5 yesterday that I was running late to. The car pulled to the left BAD and shook like a ghost as it had done for the past week or so and I pulled into my favorite deli with the high priced gas to use their free air hose on front left bad child. Didn't need a flat while runnin' late, ya know. A few pounds later, I pulled out onto the major two way street through historic downtown Dyersburg headed to the hospital and FREE! PIZZA! *sigh* I've only had one other blowout before, but I recognized the sound and feel of it immediately. If you can guess what I said out loud, you win the prize. I haven't decided what that is yet, but it'll be good I promise. Maybe a pie or something like that ;)

"Rush hour" in the 'burg is equivalent to Easter church zone traffic to you city dwellers. The cell phone was conveniently in BabyGirl's purse, so I hoofed it back to the deli to call for backup. Soccer moms and grannies on a mission to the dollar store deftly maneuvered around the Poopmobile to get to their destinations while I pleaded with the service guy to come and help an old girl out. The natives were restless on Troy Avenue. And besides....there was FREE! PIZZA! just a few blocks down. My hero pulled up in a big old clunky service truck with a compressor to pull those lug nuts off in no time while I directed traffic around the "scene."

Shout out to girlfriend: Yeah, you in the wreck of a car sporting a back seat full of babies. You were one of the few to stop and ask if I needed help. Bless your heart, and all them babies too. You gave me back a little bit of faith in people and the can-do attitude. Who needs a man, right?

Cold pizza for breakfast is my favorite treat. There was a whole one left. Maintenance got bumped up a couple of days on the schedule to tomorrow. Thanks in advance for the shuttle to work, Daddy :)
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