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animal house
While I was gettin' ready for work this morning I kept hearing the cat known as Princess Cali meowing in the most pitiful way. Usually she's very content curled up in a basket or a drawer so I knew she was out of her element. The steps to the attic are directly over the steps to the basement and if a door is ajar, the critters will go either way. There is shit stuff piled on every step going in either direction requiring fancy footwork to go up or down. I went up up first, into the darkness of the attic. I could still hear her but couldn't tell where the sound was coming from. Calling out "kitty kitty" I walked around a bit but didn't see anything but the usual boxes of old stuff. After I came back down I checked the basement door. There she was on the other side of it, pissed as all get out because she had been left behind last night. Luckily, she was no worse for the wear and made it on time to our morning meet'n greet on Mama's bed. Babygirl comes in from the graveyard shift just in time to get a little quality time with all the babies before I leave for work. Then the place is all theirs for the day. Butterbean says TGIF Eve.
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