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first hummer
Hush, y'all..not that kind ;) I'm talking about those little critters that move faster than a speeding bullet. I've had the feeders out for a week and saw the scout on Saturday. They never cease to amaze me. Saturday was also the day for my first anuual freak out over a snake. It was a little one but dayum, there's only two kinds of snakes to me: live=bad and dead=good. Very simple math on my part.

Thanks for all the hugs and support concerning my Mom's latest adventure with driving. The airbags beat the poop out of her as they were saving her life, and her ankle is broken in what the orthopedic doc calls "the worst possible" place. Luckily no surgery is required but she will be in a cast...and NOT a walking one...for at least six weeks, with a side of physical therapy to keep her from gettin' stove up. When I was talking to my brother yesterday he noted that it's almost time for her to hibernate under the air conditioner for summer anyway. I inherited my distaste for sweat and humidity from her.

Speaking of Mr.Snake, my carefree visits to the woods will be coming to a screeching halt shortly unless there's a four wheeler under my butt or boots on my feet. Here's a picture from my last visit to the slough. The dogs had a nice sunset swim that evening and luckily it was a reptile free excursion.the beginning of the end

Please go and welcome YaYa to the b**gosphere. Tell her Poopie said hey.

Watch your step out there...and keep the faith. ^j^
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