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I must say that Jim was right on with his comment about my last couple of posts bringing up points that "rung the bells" of women. Guys wouldn't comment on them with a ten foot pole :) Thus and therefore, I am returning to the chronicles of my paradise called home and leaving the angst to the girlie writers. Just remember that I AM a girl and have the perogative to wax angsty if I feel like it. Just give me a hug when I get that way and it's all good. Really.

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Okay guys, this picture is just for you. something for the guys You will notice that the yard tools are circling like wagons on the prairie. This is because: (a) the grass is approaching knee high (b) I can't afford gas for them (c) The belt is off of the riding mower again. (d) All of the above. The correct answer is (d). Here's the deal....if you'll come out and fix my mowers so I can play yard girl, I'll pay for a round of golf on that course you see pictured behind the field. Heck, I'll even caddy. Deal?

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There's this rotten tree stump right outside of the bathroom window. I've missed bird watching from the potty ever since that tree got cut down. This morning I was sittin' on the throne gazing out and what did my wondering eyes see but a giant woodpecker foraging through the dead wood looking for lunch I'm not talkin' your average little round headed noisemaker. This dude was on steroids! By the time I got the business at hand done and found the camera and moseyed outside, of course he was gone. Same problem with the hummingbirds. That's why I never have a picture for Friday Bird Blogging. They're just too quick for this old gal.

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Three days...count 'em. Three days until I'm on vacation. And what am I gonna do with my freedom, you might ask? Whatever the hell I want to. If you guys really loved me, you'd mow the yard and finish the remodeling so I could relax and eat bon bons.on the swing You can find me on the porch.
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