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i am not dead yet
I swear, my Mama has a big old button with that text hangin' on a bulletin board, right next to the one that says "Enjoy life....this is not a dress rehearsal." Smart lady, my mom. She's got a wicked sense of humor too in a genteel southern lady sort of way, bless her heart. I think that's a dominant gene because me and BabyGirl both have that trait. When we grow up, we're gonna be just.like.her.
Looting and recovery continue in the area. You gotta be lower than a snake's belly to resort to those tactics, y'all. I heard that there are FEMA trailers coming ( let's hold our breath on that one, okay? ) and the whine of chainsaws is a familiar sound along the route of the big bad motha' that started in Bragadoccio, Missouri and plowed through West Tennessee a week and a half ago.
My funeral director friend who is SIX WHOLE MONTHS older than me, dropped by with her youngest daughter to visit me at work yesterday. There is never a dull moment in the humor that we share with me on the sick and dyin' end and her on the burying end. When I hugged her yesterday I felt the crinkley satin of her beautiful brown top under my fingers and backed off to look at it. I swear, it was made out the same material that lines a casket. I couldn't do her job if it paid a million bucks. She has to wear panty hose everyday and there's some things I just won't do for money.
Spring has finally sprung and I've held true to my Lenten promise of giving up being a lazy ass. Me and the doggies have done a mile for the past two days and enjoyed the sights. We're taking today off because our my calves are sore and I need new tennis shoes. I chased this little darlin' around from flower to flower until it finally landed on the azalea bush long enough for a shot. butterfly azalea If there's any doubt in your mind whatsoever that summer is on the way, check out the baby kudzu. Um hmmm. It's bacccccccccccccck. baby kudzu
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