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it's all her fault
Janet Evanovich. Everybody knows that takin' a book to work is like the kiss of death for a gravy day, especially on a weekend when "clinical support" has spring fever. Five hours in a circle jerk with multiple support personnel sent me and the dogs to the woods for solace and beer and a perfect ending to a poopie day at the salt mine.

On the road to work at dawn I stopped to snap a few pictures of the plowed fields draped in fog. Farmer Joey and his crew have been busy bustin' up the sod getting ready to plant this year's crop. As I made my way home the scent of pre-emergent herbicde hung in the air..the perfume of spring to a country gal who lives right smack in the middle of corn,cotton,soybean and wheat fields. achOOOO, bless me The dawgs were waitin' for me, eager for a romp. I seem to have misplaced my playmate cooler so, like any redneck gal worth her salt, I improvised by dumping ice cubes and a six pack into a plastic bag. Hey, in April it works well.
reflections 4
The girls took a swim and then headed down to the pasture to search for moles. While I was listening to the birds and generally gettin' off on nature, they dug and dug until Faith finally came up with a prize and brought it to me to show off. She was so protective of that critter...with Butterbean scamperin' around her wanting a piece of the action. Faith let her guard down and the little bitch snatched the mole right out of her big sister's beautiful labrador retriever jaws and ran like hell. She's a bit of a troublemaker but I *heart* her anyway.
mighty mole catcher
All's well that ends well, I suppose. That's why we keep the faith.

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