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multiply stolen meme
Minimal linkage here kids..I'm in kickback mode :) I have seen this m**e all over the b**gosphere this past week so here is the Poopie version. I can think of other multiples that are more fun, but none so thought provoking.
that's me
I AM: *on vacation*
I WANT: A lot of things, but don't need much
I WISH: Cotton was a monkey
I HATE: Greed and self centeredness
I MISS: Being a little kid
I FEAR: Not much, anymore
I HEAR: Butterbean whining to go out..and come in..and go out......and...
I WONDER: If i will live the rest of my life without a soulmate
I REGRET: Nothing...it was all for a reason
I AM NOT: Organized
I DANCE: Like a white girl
I SING: Alto
I CRY: Easily and often and over the damndest things
I MAKE WITH MY HANDS: Good food, big messes and warm hugs
I WRITE: What's on my mind.
I CONFUSE: Directions..I'm usually lost as a goose
I NEED: New tennis shoes and a lawnmower that works
I SHOULD: Rest more
I START: The first day of the rest of my life, today
I FINISH: Almost always last but with a good attitude
I'M GLAD: Hoss is coming to visit Pecan Lane.
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