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alphabet soup
I've been a very bad b**gger lately and haven't visited all of you folks parked over there on the roll in quite some time. Yesterday afternoon found me catching up with old friends and sticking my hand up to play the letter game that I found at Cheryl's place. The rules for this game are: You take your assigned letter and then write 10 words that start with that letter and explain why they are important to you. If you would like to play, let me know in the comments field - and I'll assign you a letter. Cheryl wasted no time in granting me the letter S. Let the (word) games begin!

SMARTASS...I arrived at adulthood watching the masters do comedy on Saturday Night Live. Saw Steve Martin live with an arrow through his head back in the seventies. Taking life with a grain of salt and a smartass attitude is the only way to keep your sanity sometimes. It's "too bad" that so much of the world can't see the humor in life. It beats crying over spilled milk.

SOUL...Everybody has one and each is a unique conglomeration of where they have been and what they've experienced. Mine found maturity in the days of the anti-war protests of the sixties and early seventies. It was about peace and love y'all, and it still is. You know where I stand on today's issues. No further comment.*

SWEAT...It's what we do in the Southern states from April until November. During that time period it is pointless to spend time on makeup or hair because the stifling humidity will wreck the whole deal once you step out from under the AC. I don't MIND sweating when I'm doing something to work one up. It's the standing still sweat that drives me nuts. Hot flashes don't help.

SPIRIT...I believe in one true God who loves us dearly and wants what's best for us. One of my favorite sayings of all time is from a member of the Methodist church that I grew up in: " Leave room for the spirit to work." Let go of of those dang control issues and give it up. You ain't in charge. I learned that the hard way.

SERENDIPITY...The first time that I ever heard that word was on a roadtrip with some girlfriends. As we crossed the Mississippi River bridge in Memphis one night the sky lit up with a fireworks display out of nowhere. Sally defined that unexpected gift as serendipity. I recognize it clearly now when I see it.

SWEET...There is a monumental difference between being sweet and puttin' on airs that way. Southern girls are particularly adept at defining who is who in that respect.

SHAPELY...Alas. Poopie has always been Rubenesque and always will be. We're not talking fat, just non-skinny. I'm okay with that so please spare me your diet tips and gastric by-passes. If I could afford to eat orange roughy and spinach every day I would. Unless SugarDaddy shows up, that's not gonna happen. There is no breast reduction in my future, by the way.

STORM...Been there, done that and got a t-shirt from every tornado season for the past 50 years. The closest calls have come during the past four. I respect the power of nature and will hit the basement in a heartbeat.

STUBBORN...I'm like my Daddy in that respect. I pick my battles and stand up for what I really see as important, and when I do I hang on like a pit bull. see: previous multiple frustrated posts about operation iraqi f**kup. *okay so i lied, sue me!

SILLY...It's fun to be that way, and thus good for the soul. *snort* Check this guy out.

Anybody wanna buy a vowel?
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