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baby steps
Well, praise the Lord and pass the mastic y'all. There are TILES on my bathroom wall finally. Not grouted, mind you. A bit crooked, sure. But they're there and I put those bad boys up myself. A big thunderstorm hit and knocked the power out right in the middle of it so I had to quit for the night before it was done. A wall is totally different from a horizontal surface..duh. They WILL slide right down that wall if you don't do it right. I'm just saying.

The huge storm last night was an exact replica of the one that woke me up early that same morning at 2AM. It is already unseasonally hot and humid here and the soupy air combined with the daytime heat has given the farmers mucho rain which will be appreciated in the long run, in spite of the mud right now. I swear, I can actually hear the crab grass growing out in the yard. It won't be long before I start dreaming my yearly fantasy of living in Canada during the summer. This old girl just doesn't do heat well..and the older I get the more pronounced that trait becomes. That and the arthritis my Daddy gifted me with :)

This piano will be leaving my house today, bound for the home of a fellow church member who lost hers in a house fire. She plays for worship services at the old folks home and misses practicing. Gotta find somewhere to put my car keys now...that's where I put them so I could always find 'em!

Still no kittens. She's getting ornery though, so it shouldn't be long.

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