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dream vacation
Where would yours be if you could anywhere? Mine would have beaches and mountains, preferably both. It has taken me four days of un-winding slowly to lose the work frame of mind and sink into self indulgence mode. Meandering from here to there, tying up loose ends and enjoying the freedom to just piddle have been more than wonderful for me. It's just what I needed at precisely the right time.
Sunday afternoon, me and YaYa and Robert took to her yard with a shovel and loaded up boxes of stuff for me to transplant. I got 'em in the ground before the rain too. Heh. See how little it takes to entertain a country girl? I have a man slave for a week, BabyGirl's boyfriend is doing stuff to the house for me which is, might I add, heavenly. I've missed having a fellow around to do "guy stuff." I have visited my folks, wandered around aimlessly with the camera and shot sunset pics of my favorite flowers. There has been beer. MUCH beer :) Beer is good for us, dontcha think?

The luxury of ironing and folding my grandmother's linen napkins and lace tablecloths is something that only an old soul can appreciate. As the oldest grandchild, I was entrusted with a lot of her things that I pass on to the other grandchildren on special occasions.

A lovely gentleman is coming to pay me a visit in a couple of days. I hope that he will understand that I didn't get the bathroom tiling done. Or the paint either for that matter. Scientists would file that under "too bad." The hardwood floors remain unstripped, but I can see them there egging me on to finish the job. Later.

Right now it's all about me, and I could get used to that.

Oh yeah. Remember that cute little cat I picked up in the hospital parking lot in the fall? Yep. She's knocked up. Anybody want a kitten?
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