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the eagle Hoss has landed
...and is sitting quietly on the couch reading the paper. Butterbean adores him and I do believe it's mutual. I must say, that I have a lot of admiration for the boy and his determination to see this cross country adventure through. When I first saw that smiling face and grabbed him for a hug, it was big enough for all of y'all. Really. We met at my friend's antique store/southern tea room in a nearby town. Thanks to my good friend who runs an airport limo service on the side *wink wink*

Driving down Pecan Lane on the way home, we marveled over the beauty of all of it...he for the first time and me for the kazillionth time. Life doesn't get much better than natural beauty. Eye candy for the soul, so to speak.

Tomorrow we will explore the farm and rest up for the next leg which involves yet ANOTHER flight to Tish's place. Lord, I hope Buford doesn't show up. Hoss might have to kick his toothless butt.

Ain't the internets amazing? Yes, Poopsie. It's a small world indeed.
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