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a happy ending
Faith is alive and well and snoozin' on my bed! I got a call at work today from a guy who works the night shift at UPS, about a mile and a half ACROSS the four lane highway from us. "I think I've got your dog." While working 3-11 at UPS he spotted Faith wandering around the lot and took her in to keep her from getting run over. He said " I could tell she was well cared for and belonged to someone." Thanks to the rabies tag on her collar, all he had to do was call the vet's office to locate her owner. I believe that that suspicious car DID in fact pick her up, but somehow she got away or they had second thoughts and let her go. She has never ever gone that far away before. Thanks for all of the well wishes and prayers. As promised, I'll share the story later of how this little brown bundle of joy became a part of our family.

Keep the faith. ^j^
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