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little pleasures
I was invited to go the lake with friends this weekend but decided to stay at home because I've been feeling kinda puny with a cold. I have found that as I get older I'm reverting back to my teenage years with my sleep habits. Days off provide an opportunity to sleep until 9 or 10 and I can do it with no problem. That was not the case in my thirties and forties. I always woke up at the usual time and hopped up to do one of the five bazillion things that were on "the list" for that day. Heh. The ability to relax kind of makes up for the arthritis pain in my elbows that has come with turning fifty.

Yesterday was gorgeous..and I'm sure my buddies were fishin' at the lake. I put on a shirt that showed some skin and headed outside to even up the farmer's tan that has come from mowing the yard and such. I'm like a little kid when it comes to the water hose so I played with that for awhile spraying everything I could find with dirt on it, including Butterbean. She was not amused. Colored my hair (shut it, FTS) and cooked on the grill in between piddling here, there and yonder. Phase II of tiling is in the works with a hall counter and the bathroom coming up soon. After playing with a checkerboad pattern, I decided to go with all navy in the hall like I did in the kitchen. If I can ever get my dang camera to work, I'll share pictures. This house re-modeling is slow going but very satisfying work. Maybe someday I'll even get finished!

During the week my knowledge of what's happening in the news comes from TV or the internet. To me....buying two Sunday newspapers and sittin' with the dog to read them page by page is like heaven. With glasses, of course :) Today's local rag was filled with graduates' pictures and engagement announcements for summer weddings. It blows my mind to think that four years have passed since BabyGirl graduated from high school. There's been a lot of water under the bridge since then. And some over it too, as a matter of fact. Her daddy has gone from jail to rehab and is now in a half-way house with a job in a nearby town where he will stay for six months. It took losing everything, including his daughter, for him to hit the wall and start the slow climb back up. I hope he makes it, for her sake as well as his.

One of the wild hairs that got into me not too long ago has turned out to be a real joy. My bedroom had not been changed for the eighteen years that I've lived here and when we ripped up the last of the carpet in there, I moved the furniture around and began to make it my own little haven. The oak furniture remains, but the perspective is different. Totally.

Still no kittens yet, but they'll be here soon. Let me know if you want one!!

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