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losin' the faith
As I was coming home at dusk from a meeting at work, I passed a strange car on my little dead end lane coming from the direction of my house. I slowed to see who it was and didn't recognize the driver, a young girl. The car kept going and as I looked behind me I saw a hand wave mockingly out of the back window as it moved away from me. When I pulled into the driveway, I noticed that only Butterbean was there to greet me, but assumed that Faith was inside. She was not. There is no doubt in my mind that that evil wave out the back window was from the person who stole her from our little family.
faith up close and personal
I want to cry almost as bad as I want to kick some ass but I've cried so much during the past few weeks that the tears won't come right now. I'm just speechless at the amount of random evil in this world.

We named her Faith because of the way that she came to us. I'll share that another time, hopefully if when she returns. In the meantime, I'll echo Monty's sentiments on dog thieves: "When I find the rat bastard....I weel keel him sloooowwww."
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