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touched by a legend
*sniff sniff* I still have a tear or two spilling out now and then after leaving my good friend Gene in the hands of a kind hearted Delta employee. You know how us girls are...we cry over every damn thing. Hoss's visit to my little burg was a stop on his whirlwind tour of b**g country USA. And so it goes....

Hoss is an animal lover like myself. His eyes lit up like sparklers when he realized how many critters we've got around. His first night here, he went to sleep with one cat and woke up with a different one. Last night Butterbean finally warmed up to him enough to sleep curled right next to his butt, just like she does with me. That mental picture of those two waking up to greet me with smiles this morning is one that will stay burned in my mind forever.

Alas, I don't have wireless sooooooo....we shared time on my desktop PC while he was at Casa Poopie, but there wasn't so much time for b**gging. We talked and laughed and identified birds. We cried and hugged and discussed life. We had some drinks and ate some good food and visited my parents and my roommates, who were all charmed. There were newspapers and baseball games and two fried eggs, over medium plus one piece of toast.

I'll save the story of our adventures in the mud for another time. I've got a feeling he can tell it better than me.

Hossie 1-Poopsie 1.

We're even,'cuz I love U 2. Scientists would file that under "very good."

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