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anger management
According to the way our earth twirls, today is the longest day of the year. I could have sworn on my grandma's grave that it was yesterday. Let me explain briefly. We all know how "situations" at work, when unresolved, can turn into ummm, shall we say, shit waitin' to happen. Such a situation has been simmering for about a year and a half between certain members of certain departments where I work just waiting for the match to be dropped and break the whole deal into flames. I was busy working early yesterday when the carrier of the match walked into the mayhem. Now, normally I am the most easy going laid back gal you'd ever hope to meet, even in times of crisis. He pushed the button though, that spot where emotional weariness and anger meet. As my voice grew louder and louder and I started pointing my finger for emphasis I felt the slow burn turn into a raging inferno. And then, I did what any self respecting mature fifty year old professional woman would do in such a situation. I started shaking....and crying. ACK! Someone told me later that day that I should quit "crying over things and get mad!" My response was that when I get THAT mad, I cry. There's no controlling it, even when I want to. Sorry guys, but it's an involuntary response that is as much a part of my psyche as bein' a smartass southern girl. I'm not trying to manipulate or get sympathy. It's kind of like a safety valve to keep me from blowing a gasket, I reckon. Y'all wouldn't want me to have a stroke would you???????
Needless to say, after a start like that things could only get better. My friend YaYa has a bunch of folks coming in to celebrate her oldest daughter's wedding this weekend so I went out after work for a sleepover/beer drinking/housecleaning session. I am now officially the meanest friend on earth because I made her throw some stuff away :) We took a break from the grunt work long enough to enjoy a bubble bath with her two year old grandson at the center of the action. Bubbles got blown all over that bathroom at Poopie, YaYa and Carnie his GREAT grandma, accompanied by raucous giggles of delight. There's nothing like playin' with a little kid to put things in perspective and keep the faith.

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