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the asshole gene
Me and BabyGirl have been talkin' a lot lately about how people get to be who they are and we've decided that some folks just have a genetic defect that makes them act like a butt with a big fat B, capitalized. We believe that this is just "not acceptable" in a world filled with light and grace and love waiting to be put into action.

I have certainly spent quality time in the trenches with "the least of these" as JC would say. More often than not, they gave more to me than I could ever think of giving them. That's the joyful thing about reaching out and walking in another's shoes for a day. At the end of the journey, you have another perspective on life to add to your own and if all goes well, there is peace on earth in your soul knowing that you did the right thing with conviction. Sometimes that might mean throwing money into the coffer. At other times, well. It's all about walkin' the walk. Tell us about your walk of faith.

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