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baby steps
Y'all would just die if you could see these baby kittens fallin' all over themselves learning to ambulate and live outside of that cocoon of a closet they've been in for three weeks. Cute ain't the word...it's more like precious. Faith is absolutely fascinated with the new roommates and lays beside the closet door waiting for the Princess and her court to parade out onto the hardwood for her pleasure. In actuality, I think she wants her own babies. She'll be a swell mom once we find a suitable stud.

It's amazing to me how animals teach each other how to be. Cali is teaching the kittens how to grow up and Faith is watching Cali learning how to be a mother when her time comes. She's three years old this summer and mature enough to handle it now. * twenty one in dawg years * At the hospital I see little thirteen year old girls delivering screaming young 'uns when they're just babies themselves. I wouldn't lie to you about that stuff.

I also see the elderly and otherwise very sick seeking solace as they head toward their peaceful place. They're all scared of death...the little ones and the oldsters and the ones who are in between. They're afraid it will hurt or be scary. My experience has been that Big Ernie provides angels PRN in the form of doctors, nurses and allied health professionals. That last deal is the whole rest of the bunch besides the ones you see on the front line. They include dieticians, social workers, x-ray techs, lab rats, respiratory therapists and a bazillion other kinds of specialized vocations. Chaplains are cool like that,too, as well as the funeral home folks and the transplant team and the volunteers who transport for free. Everybody has a job to do and if they work together the job gets done the way Big Ernie intended. If not, well. Sucks to be the patient.

Surgeons are the worst egomaniacs in the world. It reminds me of the old joke about how many of 'em it takes to change a lightbulb. Only one...and the rest of the world twirls around him while he holds it.

Y'all keep the faith. ^j^

And give some blood. Last I heard that fake stuff doesn't work too well.
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