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big muddy
As y'all know, I don't get into the big city very much, but today was an exception. Some co-workers and I buzzed down Highway 51 South to Memphis for continuing education of the laboratory kind presented by a vendor with which we do mucho business, as in we will soon have number three of their very expensive analyzers all up in the house. The conference was held at Mud Island , right smack on the banks of the Mighty Mississippi about 100 yards from where Tennessee becomes Arkansas in the middle of the muddy water. I stood outside during breaks and watched tugs do their business up and down the river while enjoying the breeze. There is an outdoor amphitheater there as well where they used to have some nice concerts under the stars....I saw James Taylor and Bruce Hornsby and the Range back in the day when it was a happenin' concert venue. The sessions were all informative and interesting. One of the presenters was a pathologist from West Virginia who had ridden her Harley all the way there. When we chatted in the restroom she was changing clothes for the ride home. No leathers today. The heat index was about 110 in the shade. Later on we dropped by for some world famous Rendezvous ribs as Elvis kept watch from the wall behind our table. Still in the building ;) The waiters are a rowdy bunch who make fun of folks who don't know how to eat ribs properly, like with sauce and dry rub smeared all over your face and under your fingernails. I swear, I still smell like pork. The dogs are sniffin' me like they haven't eaten in a week year.
kitties1Daddy was up here last night and snapped a couple of kitty shots since my camera is broken. They're almost four weeks old and will be going to their new homes soon, umm. Except for the black one. He's staying with the rest of the critters here at the zoo. kitties2

Meow and woof...over and out. ^j^
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