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dr howdy goes to europe
Got your attention didn't I? I swear I got an e-mail from there sent especially to his spam harem. Old Poops has never been across the pond...or much across the Mighty Mississipi, for that matter. Howdy quotes C.S. Lewis on occasion and frequently tells corny jokes and Bible verses in cursive. Lemme know if you want to join his list. *snort* In other news, the lil' ho of a cat mother of my kittens seems to be in heat again ALREADY. Not that I don't sympathize and all, but damn. More money in the vet's pocket for population control. The closet kittens are only two weeks old and she's already on the prowl for a tom. Bless her heart. Today was Meeting!Monday! It seems that our department staff meetings are always scheduled on the same day as the "yayayaya" meeting that lasts forever at lunch and everybody's bored and why the hell won't she shut.the.hell.up and let us read the report later and get back to work. Lookin' on the bright side, the temp never topped 85 today so it wasn't too hot to grill some chicken and tenderloin this evening. I marinated the meat in Italian dressing and soy sauce, and added some honey mustard later on. Yum yum. I seldom waste a fire on just one thing at a time. Grilling is better pour moi when I can cook up a week's worth of stuff to enjoy.

No news on the hunt for SugarDaddy. *sigh* One would think that as long as I've been faithful to the cause I'd be gettin' warm, at least. Nah. It's just me and BabyGirl hanging out and focusing on getting her back to school soon. As Martha would say "It's a good thing." Butterbean just says "woof."

It's so lonely being a kudzu kween.

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